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In the chilly but merry winds of Christmas-time December, 2014, Viewfindr Films was born out of an irresistible urge to tell stories. If there’s anything we’re 100% sure about it is that visual storytelling can change the world – and we want to be a part of that! We are a crew of daydreamers and go-getters with a sacred spot for cinema in our hearts. We are in the constant endeavour of freshening our minds, learning new things and experimenting. One frame at a time.

Viewfindr Films is a Bangalore-based (and now Mumbai as well) video company. At the heart of every video we make is a visual story. We’re that kid whose most prized possession is a camera, quotes Martin Scorcese, rehearses a hypothetical Oscar acceptance speech for Best Film in the shower, and whose natural habitat is the movie theatre. We believe that what sets us apart from other production houses is our commitment to story.

As Viewfindr Films grows as a video production company and moves forward, we have only one thing we’d like to keep constant: our love for storytelling. This is what we do, and always will – one frame at a time.

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Making a video is a process that requires hard work and a pinch of madness. It has three main steps.
One: Pre-production, which involves ideation and scripting.
Two: Production, which involves finding a crew, locations and shooting.
Three: Post-production, which involves editing and sound.
The Viewfinder Films team has experts for each step (writers, artists, directors, editors, animators and more), who handle the creative process with skill and care to create something totally mind-blowing.


What can we say? Creativity is our energy drink. It’s our coffee, it’s our lemon chai, it’s the air we breathe here at Viewfindr Films. We are a video production house for whom no idea is too large or too whacky to be tackled. Contrary to what Cartoon Network may have taught you, creative ideas don’t ping! and switch on like a lightbulb.

Truly unfortunate, we know. Often it takes hours (days, even!) of brainstorming, several cups of coffee, distracting ourselves to welcome new thoughts, perhaps even catching up on some movies – for that lightbulb to zzzzzt! to life. Eureka!


We talk the talk but we walk the walk too! At Viewfindr Films, excellence means nothing if you can’t deliver. Our team is deeply focused and driven towards churning out quality visual story. We aren’t scared of a little (read: a lot of) hard work. As the golden rule of cinema goes “Show, don’t tell!”, we let our work speak for itself.

And we bet our drive to deliver results could make even Mogembo say – Mogembo kush hua!

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How long does it take to make a video – what is the turnover time?2022-04-13T05:12:05+00:00

This completely depends on the scale of the video in question! The ballpark estimate for your typical video would be a minimum of 10 to 21 days – right from the day of the briefing, to pre-production, shoot and post. We rely heavily on pre-planning so as to have no delays during production and post.

Does your team include corporate film makers?2022-04-13T05:11:28+00:00

Yes! We started off with corporate video production, and over the years we’ve made tons of them – both live action and animated.

What is the process of working with a production house in Bangalore like yours?2022-04-13T05:08:08+00:00

The first step is to reach out to us (Contact Us)! Give us your brief – what kind of video are you looking for? 

Then we plunge into pre-production, where we finalize the script, treatment note and storyboard. 

We plan a schedule for production, and then execute these plans on the day of the shoot. This step is skipped if it is an animated video – instead our animators will work on creating characters, designing the world and so on. 

Post-production we edit the footage, colour correct, add voice overs, background music, sound effects and so on. Any required motion graphics or visual effects  are also added at this stage. 

Finally, the video is complete, and belongs to you! We will be going back and forth with you at almost every stage, to keep you up to date and involved.

Do you provide ad film production services?2022-04-13T05:07:31+00:00

Of course we do. Our in-house team of ad film makers in Bangalore come up with fresh concepts that we then translate cost-effectively into engaging visuals and sound. Our different teams prioritize affordability through pre-planning, production and post.

Do film production houses also make animated videos?2022-04-13T05:07:05+00:00

Yes! At Viewfindr Films, we have our share of corporate film makers and ad film makers but we do have a kickass animation team! We all have a common love for animation and motion graphics – and it is one of the most popular of all the services we provide.  Our animation services include 2D animation, vector, isometric, motion graphics, explainer videos, whiteboard animation and more.

What is the advantage of hiring production houses to make my video?2022-04-13T05:06:32+00:00

Anyone can make a video. But not everyone can make a good video. A compelling visual story that captivates an audience. Now that is where production houses come in.  Hiring a production house to make your video means you now have a team of skilled writers, directors and producers on your side. They also bring with them top-notch equipment and professional experience.