What is Animation? 

We’ve all heard about animation so much, right from the love for animated movies to videos, animation has taken centre stage in the world of videos. Think of a static image and think of a moving one, the latter is certainly more appealing.

Keeping it simple, animation is the process that combines still images and joins them in a sequential order to lend it a movable appearance.

In the previous days, an animation video would be made by drawing the same image repeatedly with almost invisible changes that would later be collated to build a moving order.

Computer animation is the most widely used technique, also known as CGI. Most of the animators today use 2D or 3D animation to create the backgrounds or characters on a computer.

What Are the Types of Animation? 

2D Animation – 

We often use the terms 2D Animation or 3D Animation. But what is it really? 2D means two-dimensional which means it is made of height and width. The Bugs Bunny, The Jungle Book, The Lion King are a few examples for animation video in 2D.

Since 2D video does not include any depth, it is a good place to start if you are a newbie. Practicing 2D helps you to learn the basics of the process and thereafter you can upscale your skills and work on more complex projects.

2D animation is used in Animes and popular television shows and films. Where else can you use 2D? You can use it in graphic design projects as well as web design with the use of CSS and HTML.

3D Animation – 

From ‘Avatar’ to ‘Life of Pi’, most of the animated movies are now created using 3D which means, three-dimensional, i.e. height, width and depth. The effect of depth is what makes it even more interesting to watch. Right from the characteristics to the movement, everything is carefully structured when it comes to 3D animation which is done by an established video production company.

Five Steps to Create an Animated Video –

Whether you choose to create one on your own or hand it over or opt for animation video services, it is important to address a few questions related to the video.

– The Reason Why You require an Animated Video

– The Goal in Mind That you would like to achieve through the video

– Target Audience

– Results after Watching the Video

Scriptwriting – The Fuel to the Story – 

It is imperative that any form of video should have a strong story at the core. Ensure that your script has the following elements: The hook which will decide why the viewers would stick to watching your video.

The patty which is the central part of the video which means doing justice to the hook. This is where most of the people fail, therefore it needs to be heavy on the engagement factor.

CTA or Call to Action is the final part of the video. If the hook and patty are good, the viewers will arrive here and this is exactly where you can drive them to take action.

Core Message of the Video – The Finale of Animation

Any kind of video that you make will primarily have one or two core messages that you’d like to convey to your audience. The art here lies in converting this message into a story that is captivating enough in the video that is created. Therefore, if you opt for video production services, it is important to share with them all the details about the story that you want to tell.

Storyboarding – The Heart of Storytelling

If you want to understand what storyboarding is in simple terms, it is similar to a comic strip of your 2d animation video or any other video that you decide upon. It is a visual representation of the images or videos in a sequential order with pertinent details such as camera direction, drawings, dialogues and other related details. It basically unfolds the video shot by shot, and helps evaluate whether the idea would work or not.

In order to move ahead with creating an animation video on your own, you will have to build an in-house team that comprises of voice-over artist, scriptwriter and animator. Add to it, the cost of equipments and softwares, it requires a handsome budget to pull it off.

If you are on a strict timeline, you can try out a lot of DIY animation apps to create animation videos within the realm of what the app has to offer.

If you want to skip the above two options, reaching out to a video production company which specialises in making these animation videos, and understands your exact requirements would save you time and turn into a perfect collaboration to accomplish your video goals.

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