Setting the tone and environment is often easier to plan out for say, animation videos, like 3D animation or 2D animation – but what about in a product shoot?

Recently we were approached by a company called Unbottle for a product video for their sustainable, reusable water bottles. The product itself was new-age and modern, as is the concept of sustainability. We were excited to create a product film that captured that essence and gave Unbottle bottles a sophisticated, classy and contemporary brand identity.

How did we achieve this? Simply put: our backdrops!

The Dilemma: Which Backdrop to Choose?

On the day of the product shoot, we had our mood boards and shot breakdowns ready but there was one thing we weren’t able to make up our minds on – do we go with a white backdrop or a black backdrop? We had already ruled out colourful backgrounds given the colours of the bottles and the brand colours – and now we were left with black and white.

White could create a brighter, lighter, more clinical and scientific look for a product such as this. Black could be rich, lush and add a sense of mystique.

After much debate, we finally went with black. As you can see below from the stills, this decision paid off.

A Posh, Sophisticated Vibe with Darker Backdrops

We often pick up interesting products to create a product shoot purely for our own practice. Through these, we try new things, experiment and hone our skills. One of these projects was with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin. In this case too, the tone of the film was classy, posh, elite. Most of the heavy lifting in achieving that was by our backdrop choice.

Check it out:


 Fun, Quirky Feel with Lighter Backdrops

In another instance, we were commissioned by Super Munchies, a company that makes nutritious snacks, to create a product video. The brand identity here was different – and we focused on creating a product video that highlighted their light, fun, fresh vibe.

The packaging is in different pastel colours, so we chose backdrops that echoed these colours. The result: a fun, light yet super modern and clean product visual for a young brand.

Comparing the Unbottle video to the Super Munchies video, you can see how using different backdrops can really set the tone of your product film!

You may be tempted to go with certain colours but it’s always important to think of the end result. The most important question you should never forget is:

What is the identity of this product?

Is it sophisticated and classy or vibrant and quirky? Is it soft and muted or bold and funky? Is it cool or hot? Ask all the possible questions and zero in on the identity and personality of your product.

Once you’ve decided this, you can set the tone with ease – and the first place to start, as we’ve shown here, is as simple as the right backdrops!

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