What is a Customer Testimonial video? Simply put, it is when an already existing customer shares their experience with your brand through a video. Customer testimonials are an extremely powerful tool in converting interested audiences into buyers/users of your product or service. Add to this the impact of visual engagement and recall – a Customer Testimonial video can really bring in results!

Among the variety of video production services we provide – animation video, corporate videos, product videography – customer testimonials are right in our forte!

Why Choose a Customer Testimonial?

Show Don’t Tell:

The golden rule of filmmaking is golden for a reason – people believe results they can see. By leveraging this with a customer testimonial video, your potential customers can take a look at what they’re getting into.


The perspective that a real-life customer brings with them is most likely one that is shared by others looking to engage with your brand and your product/service. These potential customers can see someone with a similar need for your product and see how your product/brand has helped them.

Showcasing the Uses of Your Product or Service:

A customer testimonial video will contain details on how the customer used your product or service, and this will in turn simplify it and make it easy-to-understand for potential customers.

Emotional Connect:

The difference between those who buy a product and those who don’t is a lack of emotional connection. This is something that can be established with an impactful customer testimonial. Emotional connection doesn’t mean high drama, what it means is finding a universal emotion that connects viewers with your product or service.


Who better to testify for your product or service or brand than someone who has used it and found it helpful in their daily life? A customer testimonial video is a realistic and truthful account of what an experience with your brand would be like. This is valuable information for potential customers and can turn them into buyers.


So, there you are – a strong Customer Testimonial video can go a long way in convincing interested audiences into actually parting with their money to purchase your product or service. It’s a simple but effective tool, that can be creative will leaving a lasting impact.

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