The Different Visual and Narrative Styles of 2D Animation

Are you trying to understand 2d animation and the different visual and narrative styles it offers? Well, if you are looking at making a video for your company, one of the biggest challenges that might seem like an impediment is to decide which style and type of animation to choose.

With a little more understanding about the visual styles and narrative styles of 2d animation, it becomes easier to make an informed decision. Moreover, hiring the right video production company is crucial to getting the right video you’ve been looking for.

Motion Graphics or Motion Design

One of the most commonly used visual styles for 2d animation videos, Motion Graphics adds meaning to abstract elements which can vary from simple illustrations, typography to geometric shapes. Motion graphics can really simplify the most complex topics and is a very interesting way to build engaging narratives. This marketing asset can be chosen by a business of any size.

2D Animation

Yet again, a very popular animation that you can see on the internet is in the form of 2D animation. It uses complex characters and illustrations for storytelling. Although a time-consuming process, it is imperative to understand whether your project requires animated characters. While there are softwares for it, but handing it over to a video production company eases your job on so many levels.

Frame-by-frame Animation

A timeless yet another time-consuming style, there is ample of creative freedom using this animation. Every single thing in this style is hand drawn and can range from 12 drawings per second to as many as 30 drawings per second. One of the most commercially styles of animation such as in the Disney movies like Dumbo, the contents in this are shot with frame at a time. It can be an expensive affair considering photographic equipment and tracing tools that it requires.

Mixed Media

Mixed media is a combination of different varieties of media or visual styles in a single artwork. For example, it could be motion design with collage or frame-by-frame with live action, the combinations can be limitless.

Narrative Styles

When you seek video production services for your brand, one of the important elements to discuss for your video is the narrative style since it sets the tone for the story to be told. Right from the colour to the visual composition, the sound effects, every little detail comes into play when defining the narrative style.

For example, if your brand has chosen to share the story of a woman’s struggle in a particular sport, the narrative goal would focus on the audience being able to relate to her challenging journey while she overcomes her obstacles in this journey and comes out strong. The colour palette, the sound design and the narrative, every element would play an integral role in bringing out the story that you want to tell.

There are various forms of narrative styles when it comes to animation.


Ads are by far one of the most powerful animation styles aimed at selling a product. The unique selling point here is good copywriting and how memorable it can be for the audience. A 6-second animation video targeted for social media or an advertisement for TV, the output can vary depending upon your preference or the suggestion of your video production company.

Explainer Videos

Specific to business-oriented websites or videos that run through online advertising services, explainer videos fulfil the criteria of selling your product and beyond. While there was a boom in this segment, these videos have recently made a comeback and have excellent scope for innovation and marketing of your product.

Content Videos 

These videos are quite effective in terms of establishing the company or brand’s identity and use the medium of storytelling that leaves the audience curious to learn more. While such type of videos might not result in call to action, but with the use of 2d animation, your video production company can use these as a series of teasers to stand out amongst its competitors.


A productive combination of animation and educational content, it takes an abundance of creativity as these kinds of videos require strong engagement. It’s a great way to simplify complex topics or subjects, and therefore it is important to choose a video production company that understands how to create such videos, informatively and in an entertaining way.


Heavily reliant on the story for the marketing of the product, this type of animation is usually expensive. This type of narrative can either have a voice-over or none. Usage of geometric shapes or abstract elements work really well as it leaves a lot of room for the audience to interpret the narration.

If you are looking for video production services such as 2d animation videos or any other type of animation, choosing a good video production company can pay off in more ways than you can think. After all, making a good quality video requires skilled professionals who can do justice to your brand and fetch you the desired results in a streamlined manner.

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