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ViewFeatures is pure, unadulterated storytelling. Viewfindr Films was started up with one main goal – and that was to tell visual story, in a fresh and unique way.
We strongly believe that highlighting or carrying this element of human connection at the core of any film/ video elevates it and helps create greater reach.
With View Features, we give you great story, told through incredible visuals and smooth editing. It’s the perfect package.

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ViewAVs are quite self-explanatory – clever audio over quality visuals. Simple, clean and classic – the Audio Visual is the best way to convey a clear message. Corporate documents and long powerpoint presentations run the risk of being drab and boring. Amp up the visual appeal and recall value by showcasing an AV instead! Use the Audio Visual as a much more effective substitute to the regular PPT.
As a video production company, audio visuals are our speciality, and we offer a variety of video production services and treatments (motion graphics animation, live action, 2D vector animation, corporate video production) for a variety of video categories (digital film making, ad films, product ads, walkthrough videos and much more). A combination of stunning digital cinematography and a crisp script translating into pleasing voiceovers or audio, the AV is your best bet if you need a quick visual story to save the day.

Corporate Video

Looking for a professional and precise corporate film? You’ve come to the right place. At Viewfinder Films, corporate video production is our bread and butter, so we make sure you get nothing but the best.

Viewfindr Films is different from a regular corporate video production company in the sense that we are not just corporate film makers – we’re also film makers in every sense of the word. So we bring with us that added visual storytelling expertise that can elevate your video, and make it stand apart.
A corporate film is informative and formal, but also tells  the story of your company, culture and goals. With us, you get to weave this unique story into a crisp, clean, professional format to create a video that truly shines from an ocean of run-of-the-mill corporate films.

Case Study Video

Case study movies/ videos are pretty self-explanatory: they dissect your campaign into understandable steps and take you through each process. It could range from understanding the process, a how-to-use guide,
a customer case file, anything!
Case Study films communicate the disparate parts of a campaign as a cohesive whole. We make sure to incorporate our storytelling capabilities to create a case study film that is authentic and clear, whilst also being professional and visually stunning. Here’s pure, targeted and persuasive communication!

Brand Film

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” – Jonah Sachs.
At Viewfindr Films, we understand that a brand film is essentially the story of you.
And visual storytelling is very on-brand for us. 

Branding is a key marketing strategy for any enterprise or entrepreneur. A great quality product deserves a wide reach – and we make sure our brand films not only focus on quality but also grab the attention of your target audience, thus widening reach. We make sure your customers/ consumers/ partners/ general audience get to know about your fabulous product or idea! At Viewfindr Films, we have the tools and the team to create a stellar film that can connect with your audience to firmly establish your brand in order to achieve maximum success.

Walk through Video

A walkthrough video is pretty much a visual welcome for your audience. Much like the ultimate walkthrough video to ever exist – the opening credits of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.
Just kidding, none of our walkthrough videos is going to feature Smriti Irani opening doors to you.

At Viewfindr Films, a good walkthrough video showcases geographical layout along with information and voiceover if need be – providing additional context beyond what just a photograph can provide. We are a media production company fully equipped with the tech, team and zest to create simple, but expansive walkthrough videos as per your requirements. Put your best foot forward with a stellar walkthrough film, presenting your company or enterprise to the world, with panache.

Informative Video

We are living in the age of information. Informative, share-worthy, educational communication positions a brand as an expert in its field. Additionally, research suggests that visual learning helps us better

retain and remember information.

This makes educational videos one of the best ways to relay important information.
Unfortunately, these types of videos often run the risk of being drab and uninteresting. But with us, you’re in good hands! We at Viewfindr Films are always chasing story. This means that there’s really no way your informative video will lack an interesting hook, line and sinker for your audience. Take advantage of the various types of animation and live action treatments we offer in order to create a catchy, information-packed video that connects with people.

Industrial Video

Looking for someone to simplify the complex working process of your industry and package it into a people-friendly, engaging video? At Viewfindr Films, we work with you to understand the technicalities and science behind

your industry and then translate it into a creative yet informative visual film. The industrial video is a combination of simplified information and facts, coupled with beautiful shots to tell the visual story of your industry – its people, processes, products and purpose. We are a video production house that offers a ton of different video production services that you can choose from to elevate this simple video – you could choose 3D motion graphics, whiteboard animation, or even live action digital films.

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To create a visually stunning and memorable commercial, you often think – “What’s the new spin or perspective I can place on this product?” We analyse your brand and product and think laterally. A lot of the effectiveness of a commercial comes down to creative thinking and daring to be different.
And like we said, we’re here to tell a story!
Product videos are great because they combine both creative storytelling and marketing gyaan in the best way. They must be engaging yet informative and ultimately tell the world the story of your product, that you’ve worked so hard on to create. View Product is a product ad or brand film that guarantees a perfect mix of the marketing ethic of an ad film with the creative agency of a story. Take a look at the three awesome categories of product films we have to offer:

Product visualisation

Need to explain the unique benefits and intricate details of your products to prospective clients? The team at the Viewfindr Films animation studio can help you achieve this with super cool and creative 3D motion graphics.

This means that we will take your designs, build a 3D model, render it beautifully and even place it in a real world setting. Before we go ahead, we make sure we’ve got all your requirements and needs down to the smallest detail. Our unique visual storytelling USP will be a driving factor in distinguishing a Viewfindr Films product visualisation/ product shoot from those of other production houses.

Savvy Introductions

You know what they say about first impressions. The first impression is the last impression? The first impression is the best impression? Tom-ay-to Tom-ah-to. The point is: first impressions matter, that’s why introductions are so

As long as the market has new products to offer, the need for savvy product intros will intensify. We aim to keep it simple, yet effective and ensure that it makes the audience stop and stare!
Armed with our eye for digital cinematography, storytelling and the different types of animation skills we offer, we create great product introductions that are personal, one-of-a-kind and 100% you.

Epic Commercials

Hiring a team for a video commercial can be arduous and mind-bogglingly expensive. You need a great crew — and those don’t come cheap. Actors, equipment, props, editing, sets…these costs add up faster than you can say

“I’ve run out of money.” If you want a top-notch commercial at affordable rates, look no further. Viewfindr Films has everything you need to create an amazing commercial. Not to brag but what’s really great is that it’s 10X cheaper! When Don Draper said, “Make it simple, but significant” we couldn’t agree more. What’s different from other production houses is our unique blend of marketing communication and people-centric visual storytelling. With a stellar team, a compelling concept, a clear idea of your ideal viewer, and killer equipment, we are ready to rock your new commercial.

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Sometimes you’ve got to tell the story yourself – but never fear, we’re here to guide you through the way! View Sessions are testimonial visuals that showcase the story of your company, product or idea through the very people involved in it. Think of it like a visually crisp, professional film into what goes on behind the scenes, as told by you! Sessions with the Viewfinder Films team help bring your passion and talent out onto the screen. Stories of people and workplace culture, these testimonial videos give insights into the vibe and energy that thrives in the workplace and brand.

Basic & Basic plus

The Basic View Session with Viewfindr Films is essentially an interactive discussion with a single member of your team, or someone who believes strongly in the vision or brand or company.

It delves deep into the story of a particular product or idea. Check out the Basic Plus package if you’re looking to have a double camera set-up, for double the impact.

Creative & Creative Plus

The Creative package is a way to elevate a regular testimonial video to something even more special by adding a touch of… what shall we call it? Spice!
As you know, we also offer motion graphics, designing,

different types of animation and much more – and you can take full advantage of that to take your View Session film to the next level. As before, check out the Creative Plus package if you’re looking to have a double camera set-up, for double the impact.


Taking it a step further above the Creative/ Creative Plus View Session, the Storytelling Session is a testimonial film that leans more into the narrative end of things – not just through spoken word, but also with cinematic visuals,

audio and neat B roll footage. It’s all about creating that wholesome, 360 degree visual story.

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Viewfindr Films is a video company that makes literally every kind of video under the sun. Like most production houses, we make ad films, digital films, different types of animation, corporate video production and the like. That’s our bread and butter. The Viewstory segment is what we do for our soul. Our team is always on the look out for interesting and life-changing stories, and believe us, the world is full of them! It could be your next door neighbour who built a home-grown enterprise from scratch or your local street fruit vendor who put her daughter through to med school. Viewstories are slices of different lives – some inspiring, some spectacular,
some heartfelt, but all of them special.


They say your eyes are the windows into your soul. A documentary is much like that – except they open windows into different worlds.

Quite under-rated, the humble documentary film, but they can be powerful instruments of change. Take, for example, the internet-breaking (oh, the irony) documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’. Or the visually stunning and extremely thought-provoking ‘Our Planet’. Here at Viewfindr Films, we believe in the might of the visual story, and we’re always ready to chase it to the ends of the earth – no matter if it needs wading through the marshy mangrove forests or zooming through crowded streets in an auto rickshaw. We have a skilled crew with a keen eye for story, and can deliver a documentary that is as effective as it is beautiful.

SHORT Documentaries

Good things come in small packages, it’s true! The fun thing about short documentaries is that they squeeze in rich story into bite-sized visuals.

Short, but substantial. Usually between two and five minutes long, short documentaries ideally highlight narratives about a person or place or entity. Our team of documentary filmmakers create shorts that aim to provide insight, engage with the audience and perhaps even leave them with a little food for thought.

Action Documentaries

Watching a good action documentary can be one of the most thrilling experiences as an audience – and ever since ‘The Last Dance’, we sure can vouch for that!

With high stakes, quality cinematic visuals and inspiring stories, action films can often impact every viewer in a very visceral way. An action documentary or an action film is not necessarily only the story of a particular sportsperson, team, athlete or sport in itself. Action documentaries basically include any and all films that are high on energy, movement and speed. It’s an umbrella term for visual storytelling that gets your adrenaline pumping. The Viewfindr Films crew is committed to creating an action documentary with a compelling story that is sure to stay in the minds and hearts of viewers long after the film is over.

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Great commercials don’t come cheap. Or… do they? If you come to the right place (a.k.a. us, duh!) you might be onto something! The general norm in the market has been that good quality commercials are very expensive. Hiring a top notch director and cinematographer, actors, other crew, equipment – it’s a lot of money, and not t mention time and effort. AT Viewfindr Films, we offer a simple solution to your problem, by providing you all you need at one go – our stellar crew, our state-of-the-art equipment and unique creative ideas is sure to get you the commercial of your dreams (if not better!) – at a client-friendly, affordable rate. Don’t believe us? Read that again. Or maybe give us a call?

Digital Ads

An old-school mind would think “TV” if we said “Ad”. Who knows, television as we know it, might become outdated by the end of the decade!

The future of marketing is here and it is online. TV ads have limitations – airing time, paying per second: it’s all a very expensive affair. Digital films are booming now more than ever, and makes up the large part of what a creative agency or video production company caters to. Digital ads have a more streamlined reach and cost much less (even up to 5x lesser than TV ads!)
As a young and proactive team, we’re happy to say that we have a good sense of the digital space and know how to work with it to achieve maximum results. Don’t hesitate to hit us up for creative, and fresh digital filmmaking.

Ad Films

Viewfindr Films is a video company whose motto is to tell stories. It may not seem like it, but ad filmmaking has so much to do with storytelling – more than one might think!

We have not just the equipment (best in the market, by the way!) and the hardest working crew, but also the unique storytelling insight that sets us apart from other production houses. Ours is a team bursting with ideas and we have the perseverance to follow it through. So you can expect a stellar ad film for your product or company or idea or whatever else it is that you need an ad film for – no judgement. 

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