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Testimonial Videos

Looking for a professional and precise testimonial video?

View Sessions are testimonial visuals that showcase the story of your company, product or idea through the very people involved in it. Think of it like a visually crisp, professional film into what goes on behind the scenes, as told by you! Sessions with the Viewfinder Films team help bring your passion and talent out onto the screen. Stories of people and workplace culture, these testimonial videos give insights into the vibe and energy that thrives in the workplace and brand.

Testimonial Videos

The view sessions is a way to elevate a regular testimonial video to something even more special by adding a touch of… what shall we call it? Spice!
As you know, we also offer motion graphics, designing,

different types of animation and much more – and you can take full advantage of that to take your View Session film to the next level. As before, check out this showreel if you’re looking to have a double camera set-up, for double the impact.

The method behind the madness

1. Outline Script

The basic structure of the video and interview questions are drafted.

2. Production schedule

Connecting with the clients, crew and creating a plan of action for the day of the shoot.

3. Shoot (Live/Virtual)

Testimonials are shot either live or even through virtual video calls, supervised by the director.

4. Post Production

The footage is then edited and colour graded, and visual effects and motion graphics are added as decided.

5. Delivery

The final video is delivered.

Vff Operator

Our Work

Our stellar crew, our state-of-the-art equipment and unique creative ideas are the key elements that bring dreams into life. Don’t believe us? Look at our work that speaks for itself.







What’s it like working with us?
Here’s what our clients had to say!

GSK Review


So easy to work with – they are always thorough and delivers quality work in time

Anthony Xavier – Expert Marketing Manager

Kaleyra Review


Glad to have viewfindr films as our global partner as they are super professional with great work ethics

Aniketh Jain – Global CRO

Augmont Review


Organized, quick and efficient – always manage to be creative, but yet within the guidelines we provide.

Kethan Kothari – Director

Oh, and did we say we could produce your testimonial video both in-person and online, if you wish so? Yes we can.