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Documentary Videos

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Looking for a heart touching documentary

Quite under-rated, the humble documentary film, but it can be a powerful instrument of change. Take, for example, the internet-breaking (oh, the irony) documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’. Or the inspiring and life-changing documentary ‘THe Last Dance’. Documentaries can be impactful indeed.

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Documentary Videos

As a video production company, we have always believed in the might of the visual story, and are always ready to chase it to the ends of the earth – no matter if it needs wading through the mangrove forests or zooming through crowded streets in an auto rickshaw. As long as we have compelling characters, conflicts and an authentic story to tell. Our skilled crew can deliver a documentary that is as effective as it is beautiful.

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The method behind the madness.

1. Script

Structuring a script with strong storytelling and characters.

2. Treatment Note

Creating the look and feel of the project.

3. Recee

Scouting for locations

4. Pre-production

Finalising the cast, crew, equipment, and so on.

5. Schedule

Creating a plan for the upcoming shoot days. 

6. Shoot

Assembling on location with cast and crew to capture the story as best as possible. 


This includes editing, colour grading, background music, foley, dubbing and so on as required.


The final video is delivered.

Our Work

Our stellar crew, state-of-the-art equipment and unique, creative ideas are key to bringing your dreams to life! Don’t believe us? Our work speaks for itself:







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GSK Review


5 / 5

So easy to work with – they are always thorough and deliver quality work in time

Anthony Xavier – Expert Marketing Manager

Kaleyra Review


5 / 5

Glad to have viewfindr films as our global partner as they are super professional and have a great work ethic

Aniketh Jain – Global CRO

Augmont Review


5 / 5

Organized, quick and efficient – always manage to be creative, but yet within the guidelines we provide.

Kethan Kothari – Director

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