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Corporate Videos

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Looking for a professional and precise corporate film?

Corporate videos don’t have to be boring – they can be super appealing and exciting! We are a corporate video production company that strives to make corporate creative.

Ditch the snooze-worthy ppt presentation and choose an engaging video made by professional corporate video makers!

Corporate Video Production

Looking for a professional and precise corporate film? You’ve come to the right place. At Viewfinder Films, corporate video production is our bread and butter, so we make sure you get nothing but the best. We understand that while corporate videos are informative and formal, they also tell the story of your company, culture and goals. We weave this uniqueness into a crisp, clean, professional format to create a video that truly shines through the ocean of run-of-the-mill corporate video production.

The method behind the madness

1. Script

The audio visual script is drafted and confirmed.

2. Recee

Location scouting is done to have an idea of what we’re working with.

3. Storyboard

Keeping our location and script in mind, we create a storyboard of the frames and angles we’d like to use.

4. Schedule

The plan for shoot day is created.

5. Shoot

We go into the shoot with our crew and equipment.

6. Post-Production

This includes editing, sound and colour – as well as any animation or motion graphic requirement.

7. Delivery

The final video is delivered.

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Our Work

Our stellar crew, state-of-the-art equipment and unique, creative ideas are key to bringing your dreams to life! Don’t believe us? Our work speaks for itself:










What’s it like working with us?
Here’s what our clients had to say!

GSK Review


So easy to work with – they are always thorough and deliver quality work in time

Anthony Xavier – Expert Marketing Manager

Kaleyra Review


Glad to have viewfindr films as our global partner as they are super professional and have a great work ethic

Aniketh Jain – Global CRO

Augmont Review


Organized, quick and efficient – always manage to be creative, but yet within the guidelines we provide.

Kethan Kothari – Director

Get creative, corporate! We’ve got the right video for you.