How to Make a Product Video That Sells in 2023

You might have a great product or a service, but engaging with your customers is no easy feat. With a plethora of brands streaming in, and a highly competitive market, it’s a tough job to own the spotlight.

This is where product videography takes on its role. If you want your product to stand out from the crowd, getting a brilliant product video can meet your business goals in the right manner.

In a highly visualised world, product videos are as if almost a compulsion to promote your brand and get it noticed.

What is a Product Video?

These videos aim at defining the product, highlighting its features and functionality. Product videos are in fact one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience. Diving into the statistics, video is a marketing tool used by 91 per cent of businesses. The consumption of videos has doubled since the year 2018, which reiterates the fact that video is a highly powerful mode of communication among the consumers of today.

Making a product video on your own can be a challenging task. All the product videos that look easy to the eyes are a result of the hard work of an entire team’s work. If you are looking at getting one made, the best way is to approach a video production company that has a team of professionals of understand the nuances of the business.

How Can You Make a Compelling Video that Sells in 2023? 

Let’s picture an example of one of the most popular brands in the world: Apple. Besides the stunning quality of visuals, there are a bunch of other elements that make its selling point strong. The points mentioned below apply to any product in subject and how the following factors are instrumental in creating that powerful video for your brand.

A Strong Hook

The first ten seconds of your video decide whether the viewer is going to stay or scroll past your video. So it’s important that the first few seconds of your video are replete with quick transitions paired with impressive sound effects.

Focus on Customer Problems 

What is the problem of the potential customer? If you have hired a video production company to do product videography for you, they will ensure that the video is focused on solving the problem and also choose features to showcase during the video. For example, if it’s a phone product video, it could highlight the new chip installed in the product as people would be interested in learning about its increased efficiency.

Short Duration

The length of the product videos holds significant value. Majority of the marketers create videos under 3 minutes or less. The shorter the time frame, the better it works in terms of the engagement factor.


A good product video imparts all the information that is required for the customer to make that purchase. For example, if it’s a product that is being launched as an addition to a series, it will highlight the upgraded features that are convincing enough for its potential customers.

Single CTA

The video production company will also keep in mind, call to action while working on the video. Once the viewer completes looking at the video, they should be directed towards a landing page or a website so they can research further. Ultimately, all businesses require a Call to action to make that product purchase by the client.

Attention to Detail

A product video that builds curiosity, or one that instantly lifts you up is one to seal the deal. A lot of elements that include product videography to impressive visuals and graphics, each one plays a key role in delivering the message that you want to convey to your audience or customers.

Whether you are looking at boosting your product sales or expanding as a whole business, hiring a good video production company is guaranteed to make your business more visible and contribute towards better sales.

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