You’re about to make a product commercial, and your head is buzzing with ideas about concepts, angles and lighting… phew! It’s important to first put what’s in your head, down on the page. Let’s talk about making a kickass Treatment Note for your next product commercial or product video.

How to Make a Treatment Note for a Product Video:

From the variety of video production services we provide at Viewfindr films, product videography is what we do most often!

Let’s go through our treatment note for our campaign with Unbottle reusable bottles.

Step One: Highlighting the Standout Feature

First, highlight the singular, unique concept of your film. Here, it’s this: “Unbottle is the latest reusable bottle in the market that is putting single use bottles out of business.”

Step Two: Set the Tone

 Next, talk about the setting. We have spoken about monotone backgrounds, incorporating water and going for a clean style. Then go over the visual stuff – a.k.a, the lights, camera action! This means mood and tone, camera angles and editing style.

Step Three: Shot Breakdown 

 Now the important bit – shot breakdown. Your product commercial is most likely to have either a voice over or supers that highlight the product’s key features. Plan out each shot in a manner that best showcases the features highlighted by the voiceover or supers. Give pictures as examples so your client can have a clear idea.

As a video production company, it is important to us that our clients have a smooth experience. Creating clear Treatment Note helps your client see your vision and makes everything much easier!

And that’s that. Keep it simple, keep it clean. Best of luck for your next product video!

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