One of the easiest and simplest animation formats is the beloved whiteboard animation (which blew up in popularity during the early 2000s “Draw My Life” videos on Youtube). At Viewfindr Films, we offer a variety of animation video services: including 2d animation and 3d animation.

We’ve put together this ultimate list of the best whiteboard animation software for beginners to create eye-catching whiteboard animation videos.


There’s no better feeling than reading the word “FREE” when you’re a student or beginner.

1. Mysimpleshow –

This is a fantastic tool for businesses looking for a simple way to create whiteboard animation videos. It features templates for creating all types of business videos, including product promotion, employee training, or simple motivation videos for your staff.

2. Renderforest –

Use Renderforest’s free whiteboard animation tool to create bespoke and interesting animated whiteboard videos. It’s cloud-based, so you don’t need a powerful computer to run it, and there are already hundreds of ready-made scenes to use.

3. Animaker –

For those who appreciate free, open-source projects, Animaker is a great choice. You need to register to use the tools of the software. You can make up to 720 animated videos with six different styles.

4. Videoscribe –

Videoscribe allows you to create animated videos that are drag-and-drop-enabled; you can use a range of images and music to make the videos more interactive. Videoscribe also lets you record voice overs, which are crucial for whiteboard videos.


Yes, these might burn a small hole in your wallet, but these softwares help make your videos look much more clean and professional!

1. Doodly: –

If you’re someone with little to no technical skill, Doodly is the software for you! Getting started with Doodly is simple, thanks to its intuitive tools. You can quickly create and publish whiteboard videos without spending much time on production.

2. FilmorPro: –

With Filmora Pro, you have the option to develop whiteboard animation videos with access to colour correction and audio mixer tools that will considerably improve the quality of your videos. This software supports both 2D and 3D animation.

4. Truscribe: –

As part of its software, TruScribe uses neuroscience theory to help you attract attention, boost retention, and enhance understanding in viewers. With this software, you get the option to create custom hand-drawn whiteboard videos using the scribology method – which combines science and art to produce fun videos that stick.

5. Easy Sketch Pro: –

A drag-and-drop tool and easy-to-use interface make whiteboard animation video creation easy and fun at the same time. After you upload a video, Easy Sketch Pro, using its tech, will create an opening scene with fantastic effects for the video. With this software, you can import sketches, images, music, and videos. It also has a library full of interactive media files and video analytic tools you can use to improve your videos.

Whiteboard videos capture attention and are easily shareable, so pick the right software to help you achieve that goal!

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