Sensodyne Digital portfolio

DISCLAIMER: Due to legal constraints videos containing pharmaceutical information cannot be showcased on a public platform. If you would like to view this video, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

Sensodyne Promotional Launch
Sensodyne - Product campaign

Project Info




Mumbai, India


Product promotion / information


Video, Animation

Project Description

A short and crisp animated smart ad for Sensodyne by GSK takes us through how it acts on dental sensitivity and why sensitivity must and can be addressed. This is accompanied by pleasing voiceover. An animated explanatory video showcases very simply how the GSK website can be used and explored for information and more, by customers and health care professionals alike. Here, succinct copy helps one understand the instructions better. Finally, a case study film explores how new information and research can be disseminated through online webinars and platforms facilitated by GSK and health care professionals. This film was shot live action and showcases how an unusual and interesting patient case is then shared with the dental community at large to broaden knowledge sharing. 

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