DISCLAIMER: Due to legal constraints videos containing pharmaceutical information cannot be showcased on a public platform. If you would like to view this video, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

Project Info




Delhi, India


Product Promotion / Information


Video, Animation

Project Description

Similar to the Iodex videos, this one was research-heavy as well, being mode of action films. What that means is that they explore the working methods of the product for the knowledge of the viewers (potential customers and HCPs). The brief was for a clean and neat set of animated explanatory videos for GSK’s Otrivin baby saline as well as the launch of the new Otrivin Breathe Clean, and we delivered. The Otrivin videos combines calming voice over with animated visuals that take potential customers and/or health care professionals through the process of how it works and why it is required. The launch videos and teaser films are fast-paced, vibrant and attention grabbing. The copy is pithy, catchy and engaging. All these smart ads are clean-cut, to-the-point and preserve the GSK brand in tone and aesthetic.

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