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Bengaluru, India


Sports Docu-Series



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In an endeavour to promote off-beat sports, these are stories of off-beat sportsmen who do not get the spotlight, but definitely should. We produce these films for Oaktree Sports for their entire South Indian division. An action film where we keep up with off-road racer C S Santosh as he zips and zooms around Big Rock motor park – a vast wilderness with miles of dirt track for adrenaline junkies to catch their fill. C S Santosh tells us about the joys of off-road racing and how with a little push on the infrastructure end, it could be a sport that more Indians took to. Big Rock motor park is a big win in that end. The second film is the story of Tejas aka Sparky, a freestyle football champion who runs Sparky Football, a non-profit that teaches football to underprivileged kids for long-lasting social impact. For this film, we made sure to focus on the heart-warming story of how football can bring immense happiness and can even change lives

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