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What is a animated video all about?

What is the extent of creativity? The legendary Brad Bird (and two friends) once came up with a story about a street rat in Paris who strikes an unlikely friendship with a young chef. Now who would believe that? Ratatouille came out in 2007 and was a smashing success worldwide. We still get a little teary when Remy the rat finally gets his own little restaurant. 

That’s the magic of animation. It makes the unreal, real.

Animation Video

While thousands of Pixar animators worked hard day and night for years (yes, years!) to create the masterpiece that is Ratatouille – the  tight-knit team of animators here at our video production company in Bangalore work hard to bring your vision alive in video form. Animation is a cost-effective yet creative tool for all sorts of videos – from educational explainers to 3D modelling in product films, the possibilities are endless!

The method behind the madness

1. Script

Based on the brief, a voice over script or an audio-visual script is drafted and finalised.

2. Storyboard

Each frame is sketched out to get a clearer picture of the colour palette, animation style and so on.

3. Animation

The animation process begins, following the approved storyboard.

4. Editing

Post-production commences with editing.

5. Sound Design

This includes background sounds, dubbing, foley or voiceovers.

6. Delivery

The final video is delivered.

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Our Work

Our stellar crew, state-of-the-art equipment and unique, creative ideas are key to bringing your dreams to life! Don’t believe us? Our work speaks for itself:




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What’s it like working with us? Here’s what our clients had to say!

GSK Review


So easy to work with – they are always thorough and deliver quality work in time

Anthony Xavier – Expert Marketing Manager

Kaleyra Review


Glad to have viewfindr films as our global partner as they are super professional and have a great work ethic

Aniketh Jain – Global CRO

Augmont Review


Organized, quick and efficient – always manage to be creative, but yet within the guidelines we provide.

Kethan Kothari – Director

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