A Guide to TV Commercial Process in India

Are you a beginner in production? Are you a brand looking at hiring a video production company? It’s always a good idea to learn about the field you are going to set your foot into. The TV ads that flash past your eyes within 30 seconds take endless hours of work to reach your screens. It’s a good idea to understand the background of production as a whole.

We take you through the steps of how TV commercials are made in India at large and what every stage of production entails to complete a single project.

The making of commercial TV ads or digital tv ads is very closely comparable to the process of a film production. The biggest difference lies in the length and its run time.

There are Essentially Three Stages of Production: 

Whether it is TV and digital advertising or film making – the process of each includes pre-production, production and post-production. All the three stages are linked by a creative process, however each one is entirely separate from the other.



You have to find the right location which could either be the manufacturing unit or a studio. The shoot venue depends on the video requirements. The include a recce of the locations for the video shoot.


The video production company schedules where all the event personnel are required to be through all the phases of the set up, shoot and post-shoot.


Depending on the requirement of the TV ad, the actors are cast based on screen test, auditions, and callbacks.

Shooting Schedule

This includes detailed specifications such as the kind of props that are required for the scenes, information on the location to be locked, permits, licenses, people involved in shooting of each scene, etc.


The production process involves many people working together. The director works in line with the video production company as well as the client on the storyboard and the script.

The director finalises on the time and the location of the shoot, along with the overall execution of the entire shoot.

TV Commercial Production Schedule 

This schedule ties together the production process right from the start till the end. The entire management of the shoot depends on a well-planned production schedule.

The production schedule entails the following:

– The jobs of the cast and the crew along with their hours. This includes the hair and make-up artist hours, the costumes to be used as well as their availability for the shoot, the cinematographer’s availability along with the equipments for sync sound, etc.

– The props required along with their hours.

– The locations for the shoot along with their hours

The production process involves the shooting of the commercial wherein directors, cinematographers, actors work together on the location. If required there are certain set elements that also be might be used.

Post Production

This stage involves conversion of the raw footage to an edited version which is done by a team of graphic designers, sound designers and editors. Once the final version is ready, it is ready for broadcast or distribution on the platforms decided such as television or social media sites such as Youtube, etc.

If you’re looking at how to create digital TV ads, using the right video production services can help crack your business goals.

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